The Official World Online Massage Championship

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Video instructions

Get the most of your presentation

Main video download instructions

The International Massage Championship is a formal global competition that takes seriously the quality and reliability of the information provided by all participants.

We kindly ask the participants to follow the instructions below which describe in detail the minimum video recording specifications.

  1. Minimum required HD video resolution (1280px X 700px / 720p)
  2. Videos with a ratio of 1: 1 (squares) are prohibited
  3. Recommended MP4 video format with video codec h. 264 for use on YouTube and Facebook
  4. Exclusive horizontal shooting. Vertical shooting will not be considered.
  5. Video duration 15 minutes (deviation of +-1 minute at most) included a small self-presentation of a maximum of 1 minute.
  6. The shooting must be continuous and in case of multiple cameras the editing must be smooth with a simple transition between the shots
  7. Mandatory use of tripods or steady cam for stability of the shots
  8. Throughout the video the client and the masseur must always be in the shot
  9. The lighting must be adequate so that the movements and techniques are clearly visible
  10. It is forbidden to have an introduction or finish with special effects or any personal or commercial logo
  11. The use of any watermark is prohibited
  12. The video should start exclusively with your presentation

Instructions for the part of your presentation

It is very important for the judges to know from the beginning what will follow in the video they will watch. In the first 2 minutes of your presentation, you should mention:

Personal information

  • Full name
  • Country you represent
  • Category that you present in the specific video
  • A brief description of the treatment you will present
  • The goal of this treatment for your client

The presentation must be in English or alternatively incorporate English subtitles as well as music investment is prohibited. In case the above specifications are not met, the video will not participate in the competition which automatically means your exclusion from the championship.

Lights and camera setup

Position the video camera in the middle at a height above your head and point downwards. If possible set the focus to manual setting to avoid flickering. Position one light at the both sides of the camera for even lighting. Try not to step in front of the camera.