The Official World Online Massage Championship

Registrations will close in:


The Official License Course
for International Judges

Be one of the official international licensed judges

If you like to join our team of official international judges of the world online championship and get the official license as international judge you must join now our Official License Course.


  • Professional therapist experience at least 10 years!
  • Teaching experience in high-level massage therapy or massage competition experience or other judge experience in massage competition!
  • Communication skills in English!

All participants in the Official Judges Course must:

  • watch the educational webinars
  • watch the regular live seminar-meetings and after
  • pass successfully the judge exams
  • complete the practical training as 1st or 2nd judge in one or two massage categories!

After your successful examination we guarantee your participation as Judge in the World Official Online Championship: “Online INTERNATIONAL MASSAGE CHAMPIONSHIP 2021”.

Selection Criteria for the First Judge.

The selection of the First Judges who will cover all 15 categories* will be based on:

  • seminar test results
  • their previous experience as judges
  • their previous experience as participants in competitions
  • their general experience as massage therapists and massage instructors

The rest of the judges will participate as Second Judges, and will have the additional role of observer which means that they will grade normally, but their score will be considered in cases of difference greater than or equal to 10 points from the First Judge’s score or in cases of tie for the classification of medals.

For the “special mentions awards” as well as in the final of the Championship, their score will be counted normally. In addition, they will have the opportunity to write their comments to the participants for each video in their category!

The Second Judges will not receive any reward, but their participation is a prerequisite for the internship.

* some categories may be merged depending on the number of entries from the participants

The subscription for the seminar is 100 EUR. This amount is symbolic, but necessary to cover exclusively the costs of the seminar as it is not a for-profit fee for the organizers.

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