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Tijana Simic

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Participates in: WELLNESS & SPA

The IMC asked Tijana Simic


Tell as a few words about you and your experience as a massage therapist

I am a massage therapist for about 9 years.. In the past time , I was racticing a many different styles of massages. Relax, Ayurveda, Shiatsu, Reflexology, lymphatic drenagge… My favorite massage is creation based on my knowledge about body and energy flow … I am also a reiki practitioner .


What is the motivation for your participation in the online INTERNATIONAL MASSAGE CHAMPIONSHIP 2021

My motivation was to show what am I creating in massage , and also to get more knowledge from colegues :)


What message would you sent to the therapists of your country?

Show love, respect and kindness to all of people, no metter who they are or where they are from :) Always learn, and complete your self to be better ..


Tell us a few words of the treatment you will present us in this championship

This is the treatment that I have patternd with my collegue , who made those orgonites. Orgonites are a devices maden to transform bad frequencies to good for human body . A purpose of this massage is to speed up a lymphatic sistem and blood circulation , also to relax a patient and make him to feel more better after treatment .
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Orgonite massage by Tijana Simić



Cobination of relax, lymphatic massage