The Official World Online Massage Championship

Registrations will close in:

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The IMC asked Panagiotis Brimpos


Tell as a few words about you and your experience as a massage therapist

My name panos brimpos iam sports massage therapist from Greece’i cooperate with professional teams and semi professional teams (, volley ball men and women) and very important athletes oll in personal cooperation! I am (2) i have a lot of championships in Greece with teams and cups and 2 champions League of deaf (2017 )in city of Larissa (2018) in city of milano (3) place in Europe with nassional team deaf (2) first place in Greece championship of massage in sports massage!!


What is the motivation for your participation in the online INTERNATIONAL MASSAGE CHAMPIONSHIP 2021

Oll ways i like to try things that give experience to be better and improve my self and my massage techniques af course,i have a vision my sports massage techniques to be the best individual style and i can teach them to all the world”so the sports massage they take the respect and the place that he deserves in the world of Sports’ and of massage word General”for message is a way of life not just thought some body need our help but the soul of him!


What message would you sent to the therapists of your country?

My message in my country greece is that they have to understand that massage techniques especially the sports massage techniques we have to use help with deep way all the players to make better performance and to have better mentally health and body health our mission is not easy they are very important so we have to put soul and positive energy to affect everybody we are help to make better training and of course better performance a lot of times the athletes they are in our hands to help them


Tell us a few words of the treatment you will present us in this championship

My program for the championship this year is the program about sports massage techniques I help an outlet of horses to recovery from hard trainings he have in 3 days important game so we try to throw away the galactic edits from the body we do it with steps first we use sports massage techniques to to warm up the body seconds we use tools to help after the hands to make more deep massage to the muscles thirds we make cup massage to create hyperemy and in the end we’ll use ice Massage
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Panos Brimpos sports massage techniques program



I prepare a athlete of riding that make very strong training, in 2 days the athlete have a very important games,
so i must preparing him very well so he make the best performance! To succeed that I follow this steps: first step I use a lot of sports massage techniques to warm up the muscles of the athlete in the same time I use some massage tools to try to get more deep to the muscles so I can throw away the galactic edit second step I make cup massage so I succeed hyperemia and after I can get more deep sport massage techniques with my hands and in the end I use ice massage to help more to throw away the galactic edit so I succeed to complete my mission to have in good shape the body of him