The Official World Online Massage Championship

Registrations will close in:

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The IMC asked Nataliya Borysyuk


Tell as a few words about you and your experience as a massage therapist

Hi everyone I am Nataliya Borysyuk and I am a holistic operator from Italy. I chose to study and work in this sector because every day I feel I receive and release a lot of positive energy, even if my path in the world of holistic treatments is recent, since I was a child I have been passionate about it. Over time this passion has led me to study and deepen a lot of treatment techniques, both holistic and aesthetic, both western and eastern.


What is the motivation for your participation in the online INTERNATIONAL MASSAGE CHAMPIONSHIP 2021

The reason why I chose to participate in this championship is above all to be able to learn and improve, but also to show this art and share it with my colleagues from all over the world.


What message would you sent to the therapists of your country?

First of all, we say that the holistic operator is a figure that operates on the totality of the human being. In this very complex year, in which there is a need to restore the lost balance, our goal is even more to restore harmony between body, mind, emotions and spirit, so as to rebalance the relationship also with the outside world.


Tell us a few words of the treatment you will present us in this championship

In this championship I will show you a relaxing and decontracting bamboo massage. This type of massage is perfect for athletes and has multiple benefits, among those most frequently reported there is an immediate feeling of relaxation and general well-being.
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Nataliya Borysyuk, Italy, Cat. Beginner and Student



I will show you a relaxing and decontracting bamboo massage. This type of massage in addition to determining antalgic benefits, by dissolving muscular tensions, also allows you to dissolve accumulated emotional tensions, determining a feeling of global well-being.