The Official World Online Massage Championship

Registrations will close in:

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Tell as a few words about you and your experience as a massage therapist

I am Julius Lastra De Vera. I’m a Department of Health-Licensed Massage Therapist and a Certified Acupuncture Practitioner from the Philippines. I started my Massage Therapy practice since 2014 through TESDA National Certification Level II and proceeded in taking Trainers Methodology Level I for Massage Therapy. My experience as a Massage Therapy put a big hit in my life’s journey wherein it helps me grow not just a professional but as a missionary and volunteer for health and wellness.


What is the motivation for your participation in the online INTERNATIONAL MASSAGE CHAMPIONSHIP 2021

We are still in an era where Body Shaming, Discrimination and Prostitution is present in the Massage and Spa Industry in my country. This drives me in promoting Body Positivity and Equal Treatment between patients and therapists as a representative of all plus-sized therapists in the Philippines and promoting community missions of our Wellness Caravan. I am here as a Missionary/Volunteer for Health and Wellness carrying the Flag and Honor of a resilient and passionate country, the Philippines.


What message would you sent to the therapists of your country?

This is for all of us LMT Missionaries, APOstolates, LAMPers and ChubBaeBaes! Lets all spread Love through Fluffy Touch and Pawsitivity.


Tell us a few words of the treatment you will present us in this championship

For Asian-Inspired Category, I will be showcasing the modified approach of Traditional Filipino Healing called HILOT highlighting Hawub Application. “Hawub” is a Visayan term for Leaf Scanning. But instead of using banana leaves as the common medium, I will be using “Jatropha Curcas” (tuba tuba) leaves. For Asian Freestyle, I will be showcasing the fusion of Chinese Fire Cupping and Chinese Fire Massage for a Chinese-Inspired BioEnergetic Manipulation Therapy.
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Modified HILOT-Inspired Massage with HAWUB Application on the Back Using "Jatropha Curcas" Leaves



This massage is inspired from the Traditional Filipino Healing Art called HILOT where five basic manipulations are showcased: Hagod(pressured gliding), Haplos(soft touching), Pisil(lifting) , Piga(wringing), and Pindot(pressing). I am highlighting HAWUB(leaf scanning) Application using “Jatropha Curcas (tuba tuba)” Leaves as additional treatment.
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Fusion of Chinese Fire Cupping (bá guàn) and Chinese Fire Manipulating Art Massages for (huǒ liáo) BioEnergetic Manipulation Therapy Inspiration


ASIAN FREE STYLE (Asian Inspired)

Body response is then observed; breathing is listened and heard; energy is resonated; and emotions are felt. Three techniques of cupping are then applied together with the subtle manipulation of flamed towel on the patient’s body. Treatment focuses on the posterior (back) and the right lower extremities of the patient as the area’s of concern.