The Official World Online Massage Championship

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Artit Roopngam

Registered on:

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The IMC asked Artit Roopngam


Tell as a few words about you and your experience as a massage therapist

My name’s Artit Roopngam. From the last ten years ago I have started to learn Thai Massage in the Thai temple as a hobby. After that, I have to go to Pattaya, Thailand for an intern therapist. Many months later I feel this skill is very interesting. That make me the go-ahead for more courses enrolled, 5 years later become SPA trainer in TH and SG, Then become SPA manager and SPA director. Nowadays I am a SPA consultant and freelance instructor. However, the skills are still in my blood.


What is the motivation for your participation in the online INTERNATIONAL MASSAGE CHAMPIONSHIP 2021

To challenge my self to the next step. Normally now my business is good(if have no COVID-19 situations). But I have to let my students trust with “no practice no better” don’t stop learning even you become a business owner. Full life learning.


What message would you sent to the therapists of your country?

Keep learning from nature and others, learning from your clients, your staff, and your trainer. Keep thank for every case. Keep a good attitude for your good spirits and sent it to others.


Tell us a few words of the treatment you will present us in this championship

My treatment in Swedish – Classic Massage. I present the concept of “Alive River”. With the movement-like nature of the river, smooth, stable, powerful, and peaceful. by the simple techniques of Swedish style. Hope you enjoy to watch.
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Swedish - Classic Massage, Artit Roopngam, Thailand



This treatment use Thailand local oil blend with Rice brand oil, Sesame oil and Sunflower oil. Massage with Swedish classic techniques like stroking, kneading, Friction, Pounding and breathing. For time limited at 25 duration of VDO. I have present only one leg side, Back and Shoulder only.