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Tardigrades Finance BSC Price TRDG Price, USD converter, Charts

Contents Tardigrades Finance (BSC) (TRDG) Price Prediction upto 2030 TRDGtoken Price Prediction for April 2023 TRDG Exchanges How much is a one TRDGtoken worth now? Tardigrades Finance Exchanges About Tardigrades Finance The data on the price of TRDGtoken and other related information presented on this website is obtained automatically from open sources therefore we cannot […]

What does credit-deposit ratio mean? Pathshala

Contents Loans Most Popular News What Is Capital Adequacy Ratio – CAR? ​Return on assets ​CASA ratio Alternatively, a high ratio indicates more reliance on deposits for lending and a likely pressure on resources. The credit-deposit ratio tells you how much a bank has lent against all its deposits. The higher it is (currently up […]