How to Download and Install Windows 8 1 for Free Updated

As usual, before you do anything with the Registry, don’t forget to back it up just in case things go wrong. And here’s how to disable Action Center by editing the Registry. Highlight the specific app you want to open the file by clicking on it. You can also repair Office installation by findingOfficeinPrograms & […]

C# How to communicate with User Account Control dialog box in Windows 7

If you don’t want any such thing to happen, it’s better to use specialised software for it. The main purpose of the registry is to record and store all settings and information for the software, hardware, and preferences on your computer. Avoid installing any type of freeware on your computer. You can do the following […]

Windows update not working

Turn errors into signals you can use to focus on what’s wrong. Don’t get stuck digging through logs sqlite3.dll or creating queries and filters just to find the problem. Take immediate action on new and reactivated errors before they impact users with our AI-assisted workflows. And create custom API or webhook-based workflows using our powerful […]