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What Are Current Assets? How to Calculate Current Assets & Why

Content Balance sheet vs. income statement: Which one should I use? Net Working Capital = Current Assets – Current Liabilities Other liquid assets Calculations of Total Assets from Current and Non-current Assets These include accounts receivable, inventory, and any other liquid asset. A company’s financial position is important, so current assets are a vital part […]

What Is Unearned Revenue? A Definition and Examples for Small Businesses

Content Subscription market insights you won’t find anywhere else. Unearned revenue in cash accounting and accrual accounting What Is Unearned Revenue, And Why Is it Good for Your Business? The Importance of Unearned Revenue How To Manually Recognize Unearned Revenue In accrual accounting, it is important to organize income properly, especially when it comes to […]

Machine Learning: What It is, Tutorial, Definition, Types

Content Support Vector Machines Recommended Programs Data analysis History of Machine Learning Machine Learning: Clustering Cheatsheet Developers will need to specify how often these metrics should be re-evaluated to assess for drift. Ideally, evaluation of high-stakes clinical research models should be overseen by a neutral third party, such as a regulatory agency. While predictive […]

The Best Online Payroll Services for 2023

Content Square Payroll features Why competitors choose ADP over QuickBooks Payroll BenefitMall PayFocus Review Is QuickBooks discontinuing payroll? Support for time card management and other processes for hourly workers These are some of the best payroll solutions that meet these requirements for small businesses. Note that for salaried employees, the system will automatically populate the […]

Accrual Accounting Method Accrual Accounting System

Content Talk to a Business Law attorney. What to consider when choosing accounting methods What Is an Accounting Method? Assignment of Accounting Methods to Ledgers Use With: Single-Entry Accounting The method you choose will impact how taxation is reported and your overview of your business’ financial situation. From a business perspective, this method allows a […]