Allocating and deallocating tiles in all cases is a constant time operation. This is critical because in a 4-layer sidescroller for example, if you allow each layer to scroll a maximum of 8 pixels per frame in any direction you will need to reallocate a maximum of 500 tiles per frame. For our game engine we decided that we want the finer control of Z-depth and that a call back scheme or reference-counted OAM entries was too much trouble. So we implemented a system whereby we keep two versions of the OAM data. The Shadow OAM has a copy of each OAM entry, plus the Z-depth of each OAM entry and a linked list pointer, an 8-bit reference to the OAM entry with the next highest Z-depth. The Palette RAM memory area is 1k, just enough memory to store two 256-color palettes with 16 bits of color resolution per palette entry .

Millions of GameBoy fans around the world can still enjoy these exciting games using an emulator or even the Nintendo Switch. So, even if you found one of your favorite games on this list and haven’t played it in years, there’s still hope. Another entry from the Street Fighter universe, this was released as an arcade game in 1998, but this version was highly ambitious. Developers were able to mash everything from that original arcade system into the small handheld Nintendo GameBoy version. Although graphic details were simplified to make this happen, everything else was top-notch.

Gedruckte RetroSavers DS Game Cartridge für GameBoy Macro Nintendo DS DSI DSIxl

It has a palette of 65,535 colors that it can potentially display. RetroArch is a multi-system emulator that uses the Liberto development interface. This system uses “cores” that you can install and each “core” is essentially a video game emulator.

The DS was the first Nintendo handheld to have a screen that was both in color and backlit. This was a whopping 15 years after the Atari Lynx and 14 years after the Game Gear , but Nintendo certainly made up for the wait as shown by the battery life. The DS has 4 MB of RAM, similar to the N64, but it’s not Rambus DRAM, partly because of the latency, but mostly because of the increased power consumption it would cause. The original DS and DS Lite allow one to expand the system’s RAM by slotting a special cartridge into the GBA game slot. With the Game Boy Advance having owed much of its success to updated releases of SNES games, it looked early on as though the DS would do the same for Nintendo 64 games.

The first file share should convert up to four 4bpp NCLR files into .PAL files which would be compatible with YY-Chr and other programs. The code is definitely in its alpha stage, as I haven’t tested on anything other than a couple Front Mission DS NCLR files. So if you find any games that this doesn’t work right for, please let me know the game and NCLR file you were trying to convert.

Finding Game Boy Advance Games

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Virtual Console

The only games which will not work are games where the cartridge contains special hardware, which very very few games do. The color palette swap also works when playing older GB titles. Just don’t expect the same backwards compatibility with the Game Boy Micro as that handheld is only meant to play GBA game paks.