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The International Massage Championship is organized for the second year, after the huge success in 2020. More than 170 masseurs with 200 videos have participated and despite the Covid-19 pandemic, they struggled to give us amazing moments while they presenting their skills and knowledge!

What is different this year?

In 2021, we start with a very strong effort to highlight all masseurs from around the world through a comprehensive online platform where each participant – contestant or judge – will have the opportunity to create and manage their own profile.

Our main goal is to create a global community through which we will promote the unique art of massage around the world, regardless of competitions and prizes.


Each subscriber to our Championship, will have access to all profile info so you can easily manage your social media and other contact settings, a small CV that will represent yourself to the rest of the users and full control over the videos that you will participate in every championship.


The subscription to our championship gives you the opportunity to participate in up to 5 categories. All 15 categories have been created after a thoughtful consideration of skills, level of difficulty and attraction, so you will not be restricted by all those factors.


The credibility of a league is enhanced when there is a formal and professional jury. So, we have created a series of seminars that aim to train the candidate judges and to certify them with a formal process so that they are the most suitable to grade your performance!

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Take action NOW!

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More benefits for every participant!

What you will get when you join our Championship!

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